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Learn Kung Fu and develop yourself physically & mentally with Nam Yang Kung Fu in Singapore. 

What is Kung Fu

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The words Kung Fu can be translated roughly as ‘hard work, long time’ and can be applied to any art which takes a long time to master.  Kung Fu is more of a way of life than just a self-defence system.

In Nam Yang, we practise Tiger Crane combination; a classic Southern Shaolin style which emphasizes intricate hand techniques thrown from a solid, stable stance.

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Why should I learn Kung Fu?

Learning Kung Fu is a great way to develop yourself both physically and mentally. As well as increasing strength and all-round fitness, it helps to build discipline, confidence and self-esteem.

Who can learn Kung Fu?

Almost everyone. It does require a certain amount of concentration and coordination, so for that reason we do not recommend pre-school children to learn. Seniors and those recovering from injuries may need to take things easier, so lessons will be tailored accordingly. Let us know your concerns and we can discuss.

Where can I learn?

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