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Leading by Example Since 1954

Nam Yang Pugilistic Association was founded in 1954 by Grandmaster Ang Lian Huat, who had emigrated to Singapore in 1947 from Quemoy (now Kinmen), an island off the coast of Fujian province, China.  He was greatly respected throughout the Singapore martial arts community and trained many students; the most senior of whom was Master Tan Soh Tin, who took over the running of NYPA from Grandmaster Ang’s death in 1984, until his own in 2019.  You can learn more about these two influential Masters here.

Nam Yang has a long history of welcoming and uniting people from diverse cultures, bringing them together as part of our kung fu family.  Inevitably, members have different cultural expectations, depending on where they have originated.  In any Nam Yang club, however, the culture of Chinese Kung Fu takes precedence.  This provides a level playing field on which all members can relate equally and, most importantly, train to the best of their ability. 

The essence of this Kung Fu culture is central to Nam Yang’s ethos.  Roughly speaking, it means living as part of the Nam Yang family, treating all your colleagues as you would family and making all newcomers welcome.  It means not letting your ego get in the way of training constructively.  It definitely does not mean that you can’t have fun – our members are usually extremely good at this. 

Leading By Example

We are all part of the Nam Yang family.  As members progress in their training, their role becomes to lead by example and personify the spirit of kung fu.  Irrespective of a person’s culture, we welcome them and treat them equally and with respect, and we expect this respect to be returned. 

Loyalty and Respect

These are two of the most important values in Chinese Kung Fu.  We value them highly.  All members, from the lowest to the highest, are expected to embody the values of loyalty and respect. 


We believe in behaving with dignity and respect at all times.  We provide an environment in which people train together harmoniously in the spirit of kung fu.  This means no anger, shouting, rudeness, aggression, arguing or putting other people down. 


Tuition may be paid for on a donation basis.

Suggested donation: $20/lesson
($10 for students & NS personnel)

Ordinary Membership is open to anyone. 

Available to Students enrolled in University or Polytechnic and those currently serving National Service. 

Intermediate Membership is open to Ordinary Members who have: 

  • Been Members for more than one year; 
  • Performed the complete Shuang Yang Pei Ho routine smoothly to the satisfaction of an Instructor Member; 
  • Been graded for the Tep Be (2nd) Sam Chien set. 


Intermediate Members are expected to attend regularly and to take an interest in coaching newer members. 

Instructor Membership is open to Intermediate Members who have: 

  • Been graded for the Si Men Dao Dei (5th) Sam Chien set; 
  • Completed the Child’s Staff routine and one other weapon set. 


Instructor Members are expected to prioritise the instruction of Ordinary and Intermediate Members during scheduled training sessions. 

Lead Instructor Membership is open to Instructor Members who have: 

  • Been graded for all 11 basic Sam Chien sets; 
  • Achieved proficiency in at least three weapons.  


Lead Instructor Members are expected to prioritise the instruction of Ordinary and Intermediate Members during scheduled training sessions. 

Meet our team

Lead Instructor


  • With Nam Yang since: 1997
  • Level of training: Completed all 11 basic Sam Chien sets, and 3 advanced sets: Coiling & Crane wars, Single finger set, 8 Golden branches. 
  • Weapons: Thumb Hooks, Monk Spade, Moon Crescent, Sai, Guan Dao, Tiger Fork, Tiger Hooks, Horse Cutter, Daggers, Cane, Spear, Tong Fa.
  • Trains: Kallang, Saturday 1800-2000 


  • With Nam Yang since: 2011
  • Level of training: Graded to the 8th basic Sam Chien set.   
  • Weapons: Staff, Sabre, Cane 
  • Trains: Duxton, Sunday 1800-2000 & Queenstown, Thursday 1930-2130


  • With Nam Yang since: 2014
  • Level of training: Graded to the 7th basic Sam Chien set. 
  • Weapons: Staff
  • Trains: Duxton, Sunday 1800-2000 

Master Iain Armstrong

Master Iain started training with one of Master Tan Soh Tin’s students in 1981, then began training directly under Master Tan in 1987.  Since 2008 he has run the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in Northern Thailand. Official Biography


Dougal Simmons

Dougal started training in 1986, living at the Nam Yang Club in Singapore for 5 years from 1994, becoming a MACU Instructor.  He started the Brighton Nam Yang Branch in England in 1999 and returned to Singapore in 2004, where he was lead instructor under Master Tan until 2019.  He now lives in England. 



Andrew started training under Master Tan in 1991.  He has since completed all 11 basic Sam Chien sets and 4 advanced sets, as well as mastering various weapons: Staff, Sabre, Sword, Cane, Horse-Cutting Knife, Monk’s Spade, Double Daggers and Double Axes.

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