Hai Sun Pugilistic Association Anniversary Dinner

December saw our members performing at the 57th Anniversary Dinner of our sister club, Hai Sun Pugilistic Association, which was also founded by Grandmaster Ang. A full playlist of the performances is on YouTube Please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Visit from Master Chua

Last Saturday 30th July, we were privileged to have a visit from Master Chua, a student of Grandmaster Ang and marshal brother of Master Tan. Master Chua gave some demonstration and coaching on how to apply the techniques from our routines in practical situations. As well as sharing his knowledge, he also shared his homemade […]

So long, 2021

2021 was the year that saw Nam Yang Singapore try to recover from COVID and rebuild. Unfortunately, government restrictions kept changing as each new wave crashed in and then receded, so maintaining a steady presence has become the priority. At the start of the year, we updated the website. We also started a Sunday training […]