2021 was the year that saw Nam Yang Singapore try to recover from COVID and rebuild. Unfortunately, government restrictions kept changing as each new wave crashed in and then receded, so maintaining a steady presence has become the priority.

At the start of the year, we updated the website. We also started a Sunday training session at The Pinnacle, Duxton, hoping to spread our footprint and attract more members, but this was discontinued due to low numbers. We prefer to consolidate everyone together on Saturdays at Kallang for now, and we’ll consider restarting Duxton once more members join.

As 2022 approaches, Omicron is advancing across the world with what appears to be higher transmissibility and milder symptoms; which could potentially herald the end of the pandemic. We look forward to further relaxation of government restrictions, to allow larger group sizes, and opening up of international travel can potentially mean visits between other Nam Yang clubs.

For now, please keep training and we’ll see you all next year!

First session of 2022 is on Saturday 8th January at Kallang.


Discussion during training at Duxton

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